No pink, all greens: Period care gets a 21st century rebrand

Earthy colours dominate a new line of stylish-looking tampons.

The world of period care has been getting some great illustrative branding through period positive artists like Hazel Mead, but what of sanitary product packaging itself? How are tampons and pads being designed for maximum 'shelf shout'?

Brands like Freda have been leading the way with simple, clean aesthetics that promote period positivity and eco-friendliness, using mainly white, minimal colour palettes. But what happens when you add something new to the mix, namely in the form of a CBD infusion?

New UK brand Daye asked that very same question when coming out with their new sort of tampon, which comes infused with cannabidiol in order to quell the agonies of period cramp. A unique product, then, requiring unique design, and there are no pinks or plain whites to be seen anywhere in the Daye line. Forest greens, burnt orange, and custom-designed illustrations define the brand's identity, reminiscent in a way of Blok Design's sterling work for 48North's female-focused cannabis health products last year.

"We chose burnt orange as our central colour, in order to illustrate the point of our brand bringing a new Daye in women’s health," says Daye founder and CEO Valentina Milanova. "The forest green and midnight blue signify our commitment to designing the most environmentally conscious products possible."

"We wanted to combine our commitment to scientifically-backed products with our respect for the user’s intelligence; that's why we avoided the pinks and reds typically used in feminine hygiene brands."

Daye's scientific underpinnings explain its touchpoint in '70s pharmaceutical packaging, putting the clean yet eye-catching style of classic Swiss brand Geigy alongside pagan, tarot-like imagery.

"We first looked at vintage pharmaceutical packaging, revisiting medical history that actually exists," says Daye illustrator Erin. "We were equally inspired by the clean, modernist designs of the 1960s and 70s and ornate packaging from the late 19th century.

"You'll see influences from both in our designs; the simpler designs when we want to convey clinical science, and the more elaborate patterns when we're ready to inject some joy and personality into the packaging.

"On top of this foundation we created custom patterns to represent the natural ingredients Daye uses, and the soothing effect that comes from their products.

"Swirling, organic forms in the colours of earth, sky, and foliage feel relaxed and fluid, all creating a dreamy counterpoint to the clean lines and deep greens and blues we use elsewhere."

"Our graphics are part of our entourage of educational tools designed to heighten awareness of women’s health," Valentina adds. We aim for them to be as simple and clear as possible, so they become conduits for our message and carry it far and wide."

"The key message is around raising the standards in women’s health products and services, (and) one of our brand values is 'Leave an impact, not a trace'.

In other words, a message spread through design that helps both women and the world.

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