Lida designs a cross-stitch email sent to thousands of Ikea Family members

London marketing agency Lida decided to experiment with a medium a little more traditional for client Ikea, in a campaign to help the furniture retailer reach out to members of Ikea Family.

Ikea Family members sign-up and pay to get access to a range of regular offers, discounts and get-togethers. Lida were given the task of making these members feel appreciated by Ikea, whilst also prompting them to update online details.

Ikea Handcrafted was born from the brief “send an email without an email address”. It’s essentially a cross-stitched email sent in the post to thousands of the Swedish company’s Family member base.

Lida found the highest value segment within Ikea Family members considered themselves significantly more valuable when they received direct mail in combination with emails on a regular basis. 

Expanding on Ikea’s will to show these members they’re valued and appreciated customers, Lida chose a cross-stitch email as an attention-grabbing way to communicate an opt-in message. 

In-house producer Philippa Sidney designed and created the prototype, which was then produced at scale to around 40,000 people.

It featured a unique URL prompting recipients to go online, update their details and receive £5 coupon to use in-store.

The cross-stich emails will be sent to Idea Family members throughout October.

Lida has also created a 360 virtual home as an online tool for Ikea Family customers to interact with Ikea products within their home.

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