Download 3D scans of real objects with this new online store

Boutique VFX studio in Manchester Gelato Visual Effects has just launched a new service that will benefit anyone in the VFX industry – an online 3D scanning store. 

Gelato produce photoreal VFX and CG for films and television. The studio's previous work includes a six-part CG heavy documentary and a 6K stereo film for clients such as IMAX, the BBC, National Geographic and Sky. 

It's new 3D scanning store is the studio's answer to increased pressure to produce photoreal images. 3D scanning has often been used to digitise actors (to protect them from performing dangerous stunts), or to materialise lead characters for video games. But it's area of focus is currently expanding.

When it comes to CG, having access to real images will always be the best option. This online store allows fellow VFX artists to download 3D scans of real objects for use in their own productions. CG studios and broadcasters can purchase affordable high quality photoreal 3D scanned assets and to use them as they please.


Gelato's store offers simple surface scans (a 2D image you can use in 3D software such as ZBrush or Mudbox as alphas to paint super high resolution photoreal details onto your model) for only £5.

If you’re looking for a full 3D asset, it will cost between £40 and £50. Simply download them and then drag them into your 3D app of choice.


The online store launches today, and is open 24/7, available to everyone. Gelato insists on making it affordable for everybody and not just studios.

The prices should mean freelancers can use the store as well.

The store already offers products such as fabrics, fruits, vegetables and types of bread to use in your own productions, but the range of products is expanding.

If the product you’re looking for does not appear to be in store, Gelato will be glad to work with studios to produce custom-made scans.

“Whether you need some bricks and debris to dress the set of an apocalyptic wasteland, or some delicious fruit to fill the bowl in an architectural visualisation, the Gelato scan store will be there 24 hours a day to help you realise your vision," says creative director Eddy Strickland

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