5 Design Tips for Stand-out Packaging in the New Normal

Cartons, community and communicating with a quarantined world.

During these days, weeks and months of social isolation we are seeing forward thinking brands step-up and embrace home delivery like never before. They are making sure that people can still get the brands they love, and are gaining advocates while they’re at it.

For example, B&B studio has worked with Dalston’s Soda – a brand with community at its heart – to design flavour-generic outerboxes for shipping that help reinforce its ‘soda with soul’ brand positioning. The delivery boxes help create further brand engagement from existing online buyers, while introducing new consumers to the brand’s values and personality.

But how did they achieve this packaging miracle? And what does it teach us about package design for this new normal we all find ourselves in, where deliveries are more important than ever, and will probably continue to be so? Find out with these five tips from Shaun Bowen, co-founder and creative partner at B&B studio.

1. Grab attention

"The more we buy online, the more the role of the delivery box has evolved from protective plain brown shipper to valuable advertising space. Often, when your main interaction with a brand has been digital, the delivery box is the first tangible item to appear. And, just like meeting someone in the flesh after a series of virtual interactions, it’s another chance to make a great first impression so every detail matters.

"You’re looking to connect with the consumer in a way that feels personal, but also eye-catching enough to attract the attention of others if the box is piled up on a desk or doorstep."

2. Develop desirability

"The bright colours and the sense of collectability of the Dalston’s boxes make them instantly desirable."

3. Tell a story

"The Dalston's boxes intuitively communicate what the brand is all about – community, sociability, integrity – as well as reflecting its roots at East London music venue Passing Clouds.

"Delivery boxes are an opportunity to tell your brand’s story in a playful way – simply plastering your logo on the side feels like a missed opportunity."

4. Encourage community

"Even though we’re in lockdown – and delivery boxes are facilitating our social isolation – this project has shown that they can bring people together too. They’re clearly Insta-friendly, especially when stacked into your own at-home DJ booth, and they’ve helped inspire Dalston’s collaboration with Deviate Music, a platform of weekly live-streamed lockdown sessions."

5. Go Green

"The boxes are sustainable as well as re-usable – all part of Dalston’s community-inspired commitment to creating a plastic-free business and going carbon-free by 2021."

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