'Photoshop CC 2020' gives artists more control with savvier Content-Aware

New Adobe Photoshop: a sneak peek of something that'll give digital artists their fill.

Big week for Adobe. Tuesday saw the launch of the Procreate-rival Fresco app for iPad, and today sees a sneak of what's coming in the presumably titled 'Photoshop CC 2020.'

As the above video shows, the new version of Photoshop will give users more control in Content-Aware Fill with the new 'Auto' and 'Custom' versions.

By clicking Auto, the auto-sampling area analyses the image content and determines which locations best matches the pixels immediately bordering the selection sampled. 

Custom meanwhile lets digital artists start with a blank slate and allows them to brush their sampling area from scratch, select output mode of choice (e.g. new layer) and finish. As the video shows, it lets you erase the poor surfer dude below with ease.

Once again, this is all made possible thanks to Adobe's AI Sensei tool, and comes in anticipation of Adobe MAX 2020 where more features of the new Photoshop will no doubt be unveiled. Once the update is released, it'll be nice to compare it to Affinity Photo's similar 'in-painting' capabilities. Stay tuned to Digital Arts for more.

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