The next Photoshop will have a new selection tool for cutting out multiple things

Quick Selection leave you howling at the moon? Say hello to the Object Selection tool.

Photoshop's Quick Selection tool is great when it works, otherwise it can leave you absolutely barking. How many times have you used the wizard to select one object only to grab a piece of the background around it, or discover it hasn't selected every component within a marquee? 

It looks like we can say goodbye to those days though in the next update to Photoshop on the desktop, with the introduction of a new and AI-infused Object Selection tool.

A lot of Adobe sneaks can be mildly intriguing but this one truly impresses; just select the tool, drag it around your chosen object and like magic it snaps a selection around it with no errors.

The best part of the above video from Adobe is seeing that it can also 'read' components of an object, so if you just want to select a person's hat instead of the person, then that's possible too.

Digital artists will also be able to select more than one object from a selection in an image; that can be done in two drags or, if the images are close to one another, they can be isolated using a Lasso as below's Before and After shows.

All this magic is down to Adobe's Sensei machine learning system.

We don't know for sure when the next version of Photoshop will ship, but based on previous years, it should be released at the Adobe Max conference in LA on Nov 4-6. Expect more Creative Cloud 2020 sneaks as we head closer to the event.

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