Best Illustrator video tutorials: 8 video tutorial websites for Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is one of the industry’s best vector drawing software for designers.

Although a versatile tool for art and illustration, it can sometimes be a little complex to navigate, even for those who use it often and especially for first-time users. 

We’ve made a list of some of the best websites offering Illustrator video tutorials. Some tutorials explain the fundamentals for beginners, some hone in on specific skills such as using the Pen Tool, and some are just a bit quirky, such as how to create Doctor Who icons.

Whether you’re looking for a bite-sized tutorial in your lunch break or a lengthy in-depth course, we’ve got the eight best video tutorial websites for Adobe Illustrator.

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Best Illustrator video tutorials: offers expert-led video tutorials on Adobe Illustrator, with popular courses such as Illustrator CC Essential Training, Illustrator CC for Web Design, Drawing Vector Graphs, Foundations of Logo Design and Print Production Fundamentals.

Graphic designers with years of experience in the industry lead the tutorials. also covers tutorials on Photoshop, InDesign, typography and branding for designers.

You can try free for 10 days, and it’ll cost you £12.95 per month to subscribe, giving you access to all video tutorials and new courses weekly. 

Best Illustrator video tutorials: Adobe TV

Adobe TV offers a range of "episodes" giving tutorials on all parts of Illustrator – whether you’re very familiar with the software or just wanting to get started.

Tutorials including learning the basics, as well as featured episodes on new ways to work with the pen tool and creating web graphics.

Learn Illustrator CC is a "show" that bundles a series of helpful tutorials by experts on the basics of the software. Videos from this show are now hosted in the Illustrator CC section of

Best Illustrator video tutorials: Udemy

Udemy is another mega video tutorial site offering expert advice on a range of design topics – including Illustrator.

In particular, the Learn Adobe Illustrator from Scratch course costs £20 to download. It includes 41 lectures with an overall length of 10 hours, so it'll be worth the financial investment if you're serious about boosting your Illustrator confidence. You’ll also get a 30-day money back guarantee if it doesn't suit you.

The course starts with basic Illustrator techniques and will progress into topics such as Pen Tool, Transforming, Gradient, Types &Panels, Design, Perspective and Automation.

Udemy is available for desktop, iOS and Android, and once you’ve paid for it, it's yours forever. 

Best Illustrator video tutorials: Envato Tuts+

Envato is a creative hub, providing a marketplace, studio and courses for creatives.

Envato Tuts+ offers more than 700 video courses to help brush up your professional skills, with a 10-day free trial to get you started. 

Envato Tuts+ How-to Illustrator tutorials range from rather whimsical topics, such as How to Create a Doctor Who Themed Icon Pack in Adobe Illustrator, to others a little more broad, such as How to Use the Symbols Panel

To subscribe with Envato Tuts+ it will cost US$15 (£12) a month. This will give you access to all video courses, mobile-friendly videos without advertising and new courses every week.

Best Illustrator video tutorials: O’Reilly

O’Reilly offers in-depth training videos on software and programming widely used by designers and illustrators, as well as niche programs.

Each course is segmented into different lessons so you can learn subsequently or jump topics if you prefer. 

O’Reilly offer four beginner courses on Illustrator – including Illustrator CC 2015, Learning Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Illustrator CS6 and Adobe Illustrator CS5 - ranging from five to 11 hours in length with more than 100 individual lessons.

However these tutorials are not for someone on a tight budget. One training video will cost up to US$99.99 (£82).

Best Illustrator video tutorials: Pluralsight 

Pluralsight is another subscription-based plethora of video tutorials designed to improve the skills and knowledge of creatives.

It has more than 100 up-to-date Illustrator tutorials on a variety of specific topics, with each one offering an in-depth description of what the lessons cover.

Monthly membership costs US$29 (£23), and there’s a 10-day free trial.

Best Illustrator video tutorials: Skillshare

Skillshare offers bite-sized online courses in design, typography, inking and animation. 

The videos are a lot shorter than other websites in this list, providing an alternative for those who may only have time for a quick and basic overview. 

One handy option is the Illustrator for Lunch series of short video courses. You can watch these when you have a short moment, such as in your lunch break. 

The free version of Skillshare includes videos and written tutorials, but if you sign up for premium you'll get access to almost 4,000 courses. Premium also gets you offline access.

New customers can receive three months of Skillshare Premium for $0.99, after which it'll cost between £4 (US$6) and £7 (US$10) per month depending on the subscription you choose. 

Best Illustrator video tutorials: Academy Class

Academy Class may be better known as a training provider for creatives and developers in the UK. But as well as offering classroom style tutorials the organisation also provides live-online learning and video on demand.

They have a few specific free video tutorials, such as creating a logo for your business, drawing and editing geometric shapes and creating vector art.

The videos are short, simple and conducted by instructors from the classes.

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