5 ways Adobe Stock will revolutionise your motion graphics work

Image: Stream of Color by Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a collection with millions of high-quality assets, all accessible from within your favourite Creative Cloud apps. Now the advantages of Adobe Stock have expanded to the world of motion graphics, with Motion Graphics Templates.

The ability to quickly and easily work with motion graphics is vital in modern design. Screen work is increasingly animated and elaborate. And in places where you’d once have found a poster, you’ll now often instead see a screen.

So you today, more than ever, need to get your design work moving, but may lack the skills – or the time to implement them. Adobe Stock is the solution. Here are five reasons why.

1. Searching is super-fast and efficient

Finding assets quickly and easily is of paramount importance. If you’ve got an idea, you don’t want to numb your brain into neutral through spending hours looking for the right content.

On the Adobe Stock website, you can immediately narrow your search to templates, and use filters to show results by app. Select Premiere Pro and subcategories appear for further refinement, limiting what’s shown to the likes of lower thirds, infographics, or titles/text overlays.

2. Adobe Stock integrates with the tools you already love

When you find a template you like, there’s no mucking about with downloading, dealing with archives, and figuring out how to import everything. A single click and it’s zapped to your library, ready to be dragged to your timeline.

In fact, whatever Creative Cloud app you’re using, you needn’t leave the app at all – searches can be performed from right inside the Libraries panel.

3. Templates are flexible and can be customised

Small details are important when it comes to motion graphics. And that’s why what you download from Adobe Stock isn’t set in stone. Motion Graphics Templates enable you to edit parameters, from subtle positioning adjustments to switching between animation types.

Each template offers high-quality typography, too, and the text is fully editable. If you’ve not got a font on your system, that’s no problem – download it with a single click from Typekit.

4. Adobe Stock frees up your time

Whether you’re an After Effects guru or a total newcomer, Motion Graphics Templates are big time-savers. They enable you to harness the power of After Effects without needing to learn it, but can also work as instantly available – but pro-level – ‘placeholders’ in ongoing projects. Either way, Adobe Stock enables you to focus on your content, rather than creating graphics from scratch, so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

5. The templates are curated and regularly updated

Adobe Stock’s Motion Graphics Templates isn’t an endless collection to trudge through – it’s about quality rather than quantity. The collection has launched with 1,000 templates (100 of which are free), sourced from some of the best designers in the business.

But this isn’t a once-only thing – the collection will continue to grow, but only with first-rate content curated for quality, consistency and usability.

Start using Adobe Stock today, and get 10 free Adobe Stock images.

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