Yahoo refills its wineskins

As yet struggling to come to to terms with near-omnipotence of the mighty still massively profitable 1990s internet icon Yahoo, has redesigned its front page. View a preview at this imaginative URL:

The new site is much more search focussed and takes advantage of all manner of attention-seeking Web 2.0 (cough) technologies such as Ajax and, er, JavaScript. Blah, blah, social media, blah, blah, personalisation - and a bigger search box.

Doubtlessly set for a formal launch in the coming months, users can expect a fluid experience worth shouting about - at least more fluid than Thames Water is promising this summer...

Mac users will be irritated to discover that the new, all-singing, all-dancing Yahoo does not support either Safari or Camino. Web 2.0: screwing-up the internet for Mac users through lazy programming. Firefox 1.5 for both Mac and PC and Internet Explorer 6 for Windows are supported.

An interview with Yahoo's chief product officer Ash Patel and vice-president of front doors (Honestly! Nerds.) Tapan Bhat can be heard talking about how brilliant it all is (not to mention how "search" is the "dominant paradigm for navigation and finding information") here [MP3 file], courtesy of Read/Write Web.

Meanwhile, photo-sharing site Flickr, also a Yahoo property, has had a bit of a revamp and has moved from "beta" to "gamma". Nerds, eh?

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