Wired redesigns

Techno-bible Wired magazine has gone under the knife and will emerge in a new skin.

Redesigns are fascinating processes and this one promises to be more interesting than most:

Redesigning a magazine is like upgrading your OS -- change is good, but you still want the thing to be familiar. That's the spirit behind the new look we debut this month.

Wired has been redesigned several times during its fourteen year history, including some major shits and a format shrink.
This time the logo has been tweaked and new typefaces have been designed by Hoefler & Frere-Jones

The magazine's original 1993 design by Plunkett+Kuhr (John Plunkett and Barbara Kuhr), like that of its older competitor Mondo 2000, was considered both revolutionary and incomprehensible. Shades of David Carson and Raygun.

Over the years, the design was tempered and though certainly a lot more conservative than it had been, it also became more legible and refused to ever knowingly un-hip.

Already on the shelves in the US, the redesigned magazine has yet to appear in UK newsagents. It will be interesting to see where the magazine's new design takes it.

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