Screen-printing offers unbeatable colour and the chance to get your hands dirty: here are the places to try it.

Screen-printing is enjoying cult status right now, as more and more creatives – and consumers – wake up to the benefits of getting their hands dirty and pulling their own prints, or getting their T-shirt, poster and even snowboard designs screen-printed by others.

If you're interested in learning the basics of screen-printing, plenty of studios and art schools run courses and workshops; many also have equipment that you can use, although you often have to pay a membership fee for this.

These places include:

Print Club London
East London Printmakers
London Print Studio
• Inky Cuttlefish
• Artichoke Printmaking

Penwith Printmakers (Cornwall)
• Glasgow Print Studio (Glasgow)
Hotbed Press (Salford)
Edinburgh Printmakers (Edinburgh)
Northern Print (Newcastle)

Most of the above will also print your designs for you if you'd prefer. Other screen-printing studios that specialise in printing your designs are:

• Mission Print (Birmingham) - for art prints and garments.
Shirtworks (Oxford) - for garments.
Awesome Badges (Leeds) - for garments.
I Dress Myself (Nottingham) - for art prints and garments.
K2 Screen (London) - for art prints.