It's easy to mock poor Photoshop work. There's so much of it around that there's even a whole blog, Photoshop Disasters, dedicated to shonky cutouts, retouching and the like – and the Daily Mail seems to have turned it into an artform. But a recent press photo sent to us by Sony shows exactly why Photoshop-based retouching is so necessary to avoid looking foolish.

At first glance, this photo looks like an other lifestyle-type shot of one of Sony's new laptops, the same that every manufacturer produces for its product launches. However, look closer and you'll see that the notebook isn't working as well as Sony might hope. Or at all.

That the laptop doesn't work isn't surprising. Shots are often created using prototypes of models, as they're taken in advance of the model's release. Many shots used in ads and the press include models that aren't even turned on, with OS or application screens applied 'in post' – and even the ones that are having touch-up work applied. This shouldn't be news to anyone familiar with the processes of the design or advertising industries. And this is clear evidence of why it's so necessary.