Virtual origami

Back when rounding up the best music videos of 2006, I listed a half-decent video for the outstanding shoegazer/indie-rock act Asobi Seksu as one of my hopes for 2007. Thankfully the new promo for the song Goodbye is a lot better than merely half-decent.

The band's feedback-washed shimmery sound and impenetrable lyrics -- half of which are in Japanese -- are ideal for revving the imagination of promo directors. However, last year all we saw was a clichéd, bored New Yorker piece for the first single from the album Citrus -- and the best song of last year -- Thursday.

With Goodbye, animator Ryan Bosworth has got his hands on the band's most poppy song, and created a brightly-coloured world of paper flowers and bamboo that complements it perfectly -- both being more cheerful than a group of Hare Krishnas on high-grade E.

More, please.

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