Video ate the media star

Videator, a new piece of video editing and effect software has arrived for the Mac.

One of the most innovate Mac software houses, Stone Design, has released the application. Native for both PowerPC and Intel Macs, Videator promises to let users instantly make movies and effects effects, from live video or existing movies."

This from the company itself:

Videator provides an intuitive and easy to use interface for Mac OS X 10.4’s Core Image and Core Video technologies, giving both home users and video professionals instant access to over 108 effects, transitions, and filters. With Videator, users can layer movies, images, paint, music and text over video, as well as apply, modify, and re-order multiple effects to achieve subtle enhancements or astounding artistic results. Crop, scale, rotate, flip, skew, change exposure and brighten movies in real time, and then save processed movies as QuickTime or iPod, and images as industry-standard TIFF or JPEG files.

According to Stone Design CEO and chief software architect Andrew Stone, “Videator 1.0 lets anyone make professional movies quickly and easily. Given its modest price point, infinite expandability, and ease of use, we believe that Videator should be in the toolbox of everyone with an iSight or digital video camera. Even without a camera, you can add stunning effects and audio to any quicktime movie. Read what one user said! Videator expands the envelope and puts the new MacBooks to the ultimate stress test!”

John Perry Barlow, founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and lyricist for the Grateful Dead, said “Videator seriously rocks. Video artists have struggled mightily to get the same kinds of effects they can get with trivial ease with Videator. I don't work with video - but I appreciate how it will improve the dispositions of my video artist friends!”

An endorsement from a hippy? A hippy with a dispensation? Well I never! Methinks it's the psychedelic aspects that Mister Barlow is interested in...

The application costs a mere US$49 (approx. £40) and, unusually, the price includes free upgrades for life.

Stone Design is the developer of some outstanding design and media software for Mac OS X including iMaginator and Stone Studio. Stone Studio was one of the very first Mac OS X graphics applications, beating Adobe and Macromedia to the punch by several months. In fact, Stone Design was writing creative software for Mac OS X back when it was called NeXTStep (love those mid-caps) and ran on expensive black boxes beloved of the US intelligence services...

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I would give my opinion, but the Mac that I'm using right now is just too weedy to run it properly.

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