“The nature of our creations is that we generally require pin-point control over the elements,” says Glasgow, “and we’re constantly tweaking and altering the original content as designs develop.”

He continues “This presented a particularly difficult challenge with the Inventor image because of the large amount of hand-drawn content and the edibility, which we needed as part of the design process.”

The solution Vault49 came up with was to create the initial versions of the designs as line art in Illustrator, and then refine these until the team was happy with where they were positioned.

Then they would print it out and trace over it by hand so that the hand-drawn elements sat in the right place in relation to the rest of the work.

"Inferno advised us that [users of the BlackBerry Pearl] are ‘jugglers’, and from this cue we developed this design as whirling dervish of activity,” says John Glasgow.

Inventor wasn’t the trickiest image to create, though – that was the Welcome to Everything piece, as this had to combine four quite varied styles into a single, coherent artwork. Glasgow says that even though Vault49 had created all four pieces in the knowledge that elements of each would have to feed into a final design, putting them all together in a way that didn’t seem forced was quite a challenge.

“There were a good few days of experimentation, head-scratching, a little self-doubt, then finally a piece of the design just clicked into place and it came together quickly after that,” he says.

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As Digital Arts went to press, it was still not confirmed when the campaign would go live. Glasgow says that the wait for final approval and rollout is the most frustrating part of this brief.

“We’ve still no indication of a commercial release,” he says, “but we can at least show the work around and bathe in all our hard work.”


Project: BlackBerry campaign
Client: Inferno
Studio: Vault49
Software: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop