Turning the to-do list into an art form

Some of us can't get through the day without an artfully constructed to-do list (complete with tick boxes, in certain cases) and a monitor entirely ringed with Post-It notes. When Canadian animator Jeff Chiba Stearns realized his addiction to scrappy paper reminders had got out of hand, he got creative.

His six-minute film Yellow Sticky Notes is currently sucking in the procrastinators on YouTube. It's a quick-moving, lovingly crafted history of the last nine years of his life, hand-animated on (you guessed it) Post-It notes.

Chronicling his career and personal life since he first enrolled in animation school, the piece also adds in highly personalized takes on the events that have defined the decade so far – so that 'events' such as Stearns' starting his Facebook page are interspersed with reinterpretations on the World Trade Center attacks, where the towers becoming the ears on a cartoon bunny rabbit.

And of course, throughout it all, the tiny minutiae of the daily grind – go to the bank, return shirt to mall – are listed alongside bigger, life-defining events.

It's the sort of thing that makes you look at your own to-do lists with something between envy and despair – but at least somebody's found a new use for Post-It notes.

Click here to watch Yellow Sticky Notes, and here to find out more about Jeff Chiba Stearns (as if you didn't know enough after watching the film).

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