Thinking about ‘the way’

Bit of a late start to the New Year – to be honest like the rest of the universe I think I’ve been waiting for something to happen worth writing home about. It’s obviously been an incredible start to the year in terms of the global economy, Obama in the White House, Gazza getting mashed and the BBC with its chronic foot-in-mouth disease but in terms of social media and the tech industry in general it’s been a pretty blah year so far.

Then I realised why – and it isn’t the global economic crisis either – it’s because we’ve moved past the tipping point, what was genuine innovation has – through adoption – simply become ‘The Way’.

Twitter is going to have its best year ever (and no doubt crash in direct proportion to the uptake). Whilst PR folk promote stories left right and centre of twitter successes, the novelty value is simply wearing out and it’s becoming the norm.

We’ve been waiting forever for the walls in the garden to come tumbling down and with open social and Facebook connect that’s now (however limited) a reality.

Every brand now has – or will have – some level of social blah on their sites and are commencing their incursion into the hallowed social spaces. If not for the ‘me too’ then for the ‘save cash’.

When Sony released the ‘Home’ beta on the PS3 last year I don’t think it could have been met with a more resounding ‘yeah w’ever’, much the same as folk say about Second Life now.

That is not to say that new ‘next-gen’ products and services aren’t been released on an almost daily basis – the issue is one of iterative evolution of now established principles as opposed to true revolution leading to step-change in consumer behaviour.

It’s actually the establishment of these principles which is the problem – we get it now – we want more but once you get one too many, many to one, many to many, one to few, few to one you simply end up with a few too many (options).

The defining moment of the apparent maturity of the social media world was established the day that Obama won the election. His campaign simply pwned the interweb – that’s not to say that there are any particular components of the campaign that were spectacularly innovative – it was all about the correct use of the tools both with and without a pulse - it was all just done ‘right’.

So where do we go from here? What’s the next big thing? In a lot of ways I kind of hope there isn’t one this year. It’s actually quite nice to be able to authoritatively discuss the impact of the technology and behaviour to do… whatever it is you have to do.

Tools are now allowing us to be better informed and therefore more in tune within our global community, essential in such troubled times as these.

This year lets not innovate for the sake of innovation – we’ve found ‘The Way’ now let's explore it.

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