Sony touts PS3 successes, LittleBigPlanet sales

Better than you heard, that's how well Sony's PlayStation 3-exclusive platformer LittleBigPlanet has been doing according to Sony Computer Entertainment president Kai Hirai. During Sony's CES 2009 keynote, live-blogged by GameSpot, Hirai boasted LBP sales of 1.3 million units since the game's launch in late October.

Add 300,000 user-created LBP levels and "two years" of cumulative play time to sweeten that snapshot.

You'd think everything was coming up roses for Sony with its fanfare about 17 million user accounts (2.1 in December alone) and 330 million pieces of content downloaded via the company's PlayStation Network.

Heard the PS3's a sinking ship? Maybe not, or at least not if you put stock in branding. Sony laid claim to some 61.3 million combined PS3 and PSP sales.

Numbers, numbers, numbers!

And here's another: Hirai says Sony's recently released PlayStation Home has been downloaded 3.4 million times already. He adds that Sony's sold about a million bucks worth of goods courtesy the fledgling virtual community.

Turnaround time for Sony's US$400 wallet-gobbler?

"It is certain."

"My reply says no."

"Reply hazy, try again."

Take a bow, Magic 8-Ball!

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