The Simpsons strike back for 2D

It was inevitable, I suppose, that after years of critics and directors telling us that storytelling is more important in animated movies than cutting-edge 3D technology, someone would use this to sell a movie.

Thankfully, it's The Simpsons, whose substance-over-style approach has kept to going well into its 18th season.

The trailer for the forthcoming The Simpsons Movie lampoons overly extravagant syrupy 3D graphics - though it's claim to be "in 2D" isn't quite true when you see the clips from the movie. It's in that mix of 2D characters and cel-shaded 3D backgrounds familiar to viewers of the recently-resurrected Futurama – and ever other cartoon TV show since.

Whether the film will be worth the extra time, effort and money of going to the cinema over flicking on Sky can't be judged just from a trailer - but it's bound to make a great present on DVD come Christmas 2007.

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