Creative collective Shilo has proved that it's DJ talents are up to its design skills by releasing its first downloadable mixtape.

We Make It Good Mix Series Volume 1 is the first in a series of mixes released on the agency's blog, and it's a damn impressive mix of music from around the world – mixing baile funk from Brazil, old school US house, Hindi soundtracks and even some East End dubstep from London.

Top tracks include a Brazilian take on jazz standard Fever, two outstanding baile funk cuts from Sany Pitbull, and a cranked up mix of Burial's Archangel -- which turns the haunting, almost-ambient piece into a bouncy, dubstep song.

Shilo have cheated a bit in creating the mix -- it's actually put together by a chum of theirs, the charmingly named DJ Pretty Titty -- but it's an inventive way of promoting the business. The MP3 has attached artwork designed by Shilo's Evan Denis, which appears every time the mix is played in iTunes or on an iPod -- getting the company's design skills right in the faces of listeners.

Promotional techniques like this are a great way of subtly marketing your design business - as well as showing off your . We look forward to We Make It Good Mix Series Volume 2, and if any other designers want to show off their mixing skills, get in touch!