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As I have hinted at (but not explicitly mentioned) in the blog over the last few weeks, a move of home in September has left me without broadband access. It's now November and I still don't have broadband, if you can believe that.

As a result, this has left me with blogs that I would normally have written up but haven't been able to. So here's a couple of quick links that I think are interesting.

Seven ideas

Roman Coppola, pop video director (and son of over-rated director Francis Ford Coppola) offers seven random ideas. It must run in the family...

If only Sofia had decided to make a career in pop videos instead of making, well, fatuous films.

Architecture and performance art

Kate Taylor reports in the New York Sun that: "The line between cutting-edge architecture and performance or installation art is not always clear."

Hmm. Some of us are not so sure... Still, it's an interesting read.

Hello news, goodbye news

Qatatri news network Al-Jazeera has announced a launch date of November 15 for its long-awaited (or rather, much-delayed) English language channel.

Never mind the acres of newsprint about to be dedicated to the station's political outlook, it will be interesting to see how they style their on-screen graphics. Having recently had cable television installed, watching CNBC "Europe" has reminded me just how jarring American television graphics are to these jaded European ideas.

For those who want to know more about Al-Jazeera but are wary of the disinformation surrounding it, I highly recommend Hugh Miles's book 'Al-Jazeera: How Arab TV news challenged the world'.

Those feeling light of pocket could instead read Miles's article in the London Review of Books that started his quest to understand Al-Jazeera in the first place.

As one door opens, another one closes... Sky News has been chased out of Ireland.

After having spent millions of Euros painting its (to Irish eyes at least) red, white and blue-tinted news coverage green, Sky has decided to call it a day in Ireland, cutting its staff of 30 down to just five and shutting down its so-called 'channel' Sky News Ireland. Sky News Ireland was, in fact, nothing more than an advertising opt-out on the British channel's feed with two half-hour Irish news bulletins.

The average audience figures from January to September 2006 were 8,000 for the 6.30pm bulletin and 17,000 for the 10pm bulletin.

Predictably Sky has branded this retreat a "change of focus" and claims that Irish news will still feature in the Sky agenda. John Ryley, head of Sky News said: "The decision to change direction is a difficult one but our commitment to choice and innovation means that we will always take risks and try new ideas. Irish stories remain an integral part of the main channel as well as new media outlets as Sky News refocuses its resources in a way that continues to meet the needs of consumers in the broadband age."

Yeah, right. I'm sure British viewers will really care about the goings on of the Moriarty, Mahon and Morris Tribunals.

And finally...

Blogs are bad for design. Who am I to disagree?

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