Put your heads together

On paper, it shouldn’t really work. I’m process-oriented, a numbers watcher and efficiency-driven. I like exotic food including my greens, and hate cars. On the other hand, Dino is creative, instinctive, ideas-oriented and quality-driven. He’s also prefers English fare in general and meat in particular, and adores anything with an engine.

I’m Production Director. He’s our Creative Director. And together, we run Creative.

But despite our differences, it works. Running a modern-day creative department is a constant tug-of-war between time and quality, the schedule and creativity, process and innovation. Add to that, the increasingly broad spectrum covered by online and the need for these roles to work hand-in-hand is more important than ever.

Video and image search, instant messaging, voice over IP, IP TV, social networking, widgets, gadgets, apps and more make up today’s internet, over and above the humble website. Creating engaging content and choosing where to place it is important, working out how to get it onto the many platforms out there is equally so. Only by complementing each other and encouraging a collaborative team culture can we hope to achieve this.

It’s precisely our differences that let us complement each other this way. By playing to our strengths, we’re stronger together than we are operating apart. I rely on Dino to ensure our ideas and executions are strong and achievable, whilst he relies on me to ensure it gets done by the right people, on time and within budget.

But it still wouldn’t work if we only cared about our half of the effort. The key is in the overlap – our common ground. My priority is in delivery, but never at the detriment of creativity or quality. I appreciate creative too much for that. Dino’s priority is to create wonderful and successful experiences online, but not if it risks running over time or puts our people under unreasonable pressure. He’s too practical and commercially astute than that. And through this common ground we gain respect – for our disciplines, teams and each other.

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