Polaroid redux

Tarkovsky it ain't, but Polanoid is a massive archive of Polaroid photographs, a great many of which are worth perusing.

Polanoid was invented because the magic of Polaroid pictures, the thrilling Edwin Land story and the charme and touch of Polaroid cameras hit us like a sledge hammer. Hungry for real analog, good smelling pictures in a digital world, we decided to swim against the stream and to reset our focus and start the biggest, best and most instant online photo community ever. Stuffed with millions of Polaroids, collected and uploaded by Polaroid addicts all over the planet.

Lo-fi image-making seems to be becoming inreasingly popular in our Adobe-ised visual world, so it's nice to see the humble Polaroid - the height of yesterday's high technology - taking its place as a device capable of creating a unique aesthetic, not just plastic kipple from the 1960s.

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