Phones for fools

Writing in the Guardian, Charlie Brooker says he hates his mobile phone. All of the usual complaints about the user interface and build quality are there, though given how Brooker feels about Macs I can only assume he won't be replacing it with an iPhone.

Most interesting are Brooker's comments on the phone's internet service:

Worst of all, it seems to have an unmarked omnipresent shortcut to Orange's internet service, which means that whether you are confused by the menu, or the typeface, or the user- confounding buttons, you are never more than one click away from accidentally plunging into an overpriced galaxy of idiocy, which, rather than politely restricting itself to news headlines and train timetables, thunders "BUFF OR ROUGH? GET VOTING!" and starts hurling cameraphone snaps of "babes and hunks" in their underwear at you, presumably because some pin-brained coven of marketing gonks discovered the average Orange internet user was teenage and incredibly stupid, so they set about mercilessly tailoring all their "content" toward priapic halfwits, thereby assuring no one outside this slim demographic will ever use their gaudy, insulting service ever again.

I sympathise with Mr. Brooker, despite his penchant for hyperbole. My phone is actually with Vodafone and though its "targeted content" service isn't quite that idiotic, it's not far off.

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