The perfect fit

Relatively speaking, digital continues to do okay in these leaner economic times. As expensive print and television are the first to fall, Marketing Directors appear to be hanging onto digital as cost-effective vehicles for their campaigns. In some instances, even gaining share over their traditional counterparts. But digital isn’t immune to the downturn. Agencies with retail, car and luxury brands are feeling the consequences of massive budget cuts which leaves no medium unscathed. And it’s the redundancies that follow that are spilling talent into the marketplace at a rate we haven’t seen in years.

Only six months ago, it was still difficult to find suitable candidates for job vacancies. The dearth of CVs was frustrating for a growing business like ours, forcing us to rely on more expensive freelancers for far longer than we hoped to. But for the first time in a long time, it’s an employer’s market, with the sheer volume of CVs providing plenty to choose from. With choice, employers are becoming more selective, holding out for the perfect candidate more than before, not needing to compromise as quickly as they once did.

The few employees who haven’t decided to hang on where they are or are job seeking because they have to, must understand this and work harder at communicating their fit. This means really understanding what the employer is looking for in order to prove you’re the best candidate for it. In this market, it’s not the best person for the job…but the one who communicates this best.

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