Rex Crowle Let It Be - The Beatles

“I don’t have a set process, so I guess it’s mostly just instinctive – which is scary, as you might be completely wrong in your thoughts,” says Rex Crowle. “But I try not to dwell too much on that.”

For Music Inspired Art, Crowle picked Let It Be by The Beatles, relishing the challenge of drawing the band’s iconic members. Although the project challenged contributors to use the music rather than original art for inspiration, Crowle based his work on the original cover in order to have a good template to work from.

“I started out sketching John, Paul, George and Ringo, mainly while sitting on trains, or between meetings,” says Crowle on his initial work on the project.

“There were some false starts, and I felt that the artwork I was producing was becoming too detailed,” he says.

At this point, he decided to rewind and return to his earliest sketches, and then moved from his sketchbook to working digitally in Photoshop.

“I didn’t scan anything in at this point,” he says. “I just like being surrounded by sketches as I continue the process, so the artwork can change and evolve.”

Having blocked out solid colours, Crowle then worked details into the image, tweaking and editing as he went, often removing more than he added. With the composition nearly complete, he did a final pass, adjusting colours and making other canvas-wide changes.

Throughout, Crowle says he tried to retain a fine balance, capturing the likeness of each band member, but also aiming for a certain amount of personal expression, and never wanting to deviate from a strong, bold style.

“Plus I like drawing big noses,” he says. “And The Beatles have a great collection!”