Si Scott Turn on the Bright Lights Interpol

Si Scott says that he tends to mull over an initial idea and then work fast from there, and so it’s perhaps trickier than usual to see the refinement process within his artwork development – but it still exists. Interpol are a favourite band of Scott’s, and he wanted to create some art that reflected the album and its title.

“I had an image in my head of a big, cylindrical halogen tube light, like what they use on video shoots. When they’re heating up, they have this weird glow, and when you turn them off they take ages to die. My idea was about that concept of something fading out or coming on, and I wanted the art to be eerie, because Interpol’s music is atmospheric. I didn’t want to just have a lightbulb for ‘turn on the bright lights’.”

Scott initially worked up a pencil drawing of a round ‘O’ and scanned it. “I began rubbing bits out and seeing how that worked, but then I inverted it and it started looking like what I had in my head,” he says.

He then sprayed a stencil of an ‘O’, scanned it, and placed it behind the reworked pencil sketch, to create the glow.

“Because I spend a lot of time planning, things often move quickly when I get going, and this artwork didn’t take long to do – it worked how I wanted without much messing around,” says Scott, who adds that while the image is perhaps a bit ‘spacey’, he’s pretty pleased with it.

“Sometimes quick turnarounds work the best, because you have to refine things quickly but don’t have time to pull them apart. When you’ve loads of time, there’s the danger of going full circle, coming back to an initial idea and realizing you’ve wasted loads of time.”