Out of Office GIFs by Dan Woodger, Alva Skog and Biff will brighten up your emails

Jelly London's best and brightest animators and illustrators have made some fun and free OOO gifs, up now on Giphy.

If you're one of the many people who forget to set their Out of Office when going on vacation, have we got a solution for you.

Creative agency wonder Jelly London has commissioned some of its best and brightest to create Out Of Office GIFs: we're talking Marylou Fayre, Dan Woodger, Alva Skog, BIFF and more, with the entire selection up now on Giphy. Find a selection below.

Dan Woodger made the above, of course.

Alva Skog; who else?

Neil Stubbings made this mellow little GIF.

And finally here's Biff's shouty contribution.

The entire #JellyOOO series has been designed just in time for the summer holiday season, but why not use these GIFs any time of year in your email signature? We're sure these animated treats will get your fellow studio and agency colleagues talking in your absence.

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