One more time around the foundry

So the Times has redesigned? Well, huzzar!

It seems that Neville Brody has been press-ganged into tweaking the masthead and fiddling with the fonts at the newspaper.

The Thunderer itself offers some information under the rather pompous headline 'After 221 years, the world’s leading newspaper shows off a fresh face'.

Pompous and inaccurate.

The last change of typography at the Times did not, in fact, happen in 1785. Had that been the case then there wouldn't be much point in changing now.

Quite apart from the fact that moving from metal type to phototypesetting to computer-based layout will have brought many subtle changes to the type, as the article itself details, the Times changed typefaces in 1932, 1972, 1982, 1986, 1991 and 2002.

And then there was all of that going tabloid business...

If I recall correctly, on one of those occasions the newspaper proudly trumpeted how it was ringing the changes. Had they not mentioned it no-one but type trainspotters would have noticed. As they did mention it lots of retired colonels got rather upset, fired off angry missives and presumably decamped to the more genteel world of the Daily Telegraph.

Anyhow, the new redesign consists of a new masthead and a new font, Times Modern. Geddit?

The type sample below is, presumably, an indication that we can look forward to 'Shocker!' headlines on the front of this esteemed organ quite soon.

Still, in their own piece on the story the Times did spell 'font' as 'fount'. If only I had the nerve. Oh well, I continue to fight my own pointless losing battles by hyphenating e-mail and on-line and refusing to capitalise 'internet'. Sometimes it even gets past editors.

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