LG brings TV to the third dimension

The last few days at CES have been frustrating. On Tuesday I first saw LG's prototype 3D TV, capable of displaying images with a convincing illusion of depth, no special glasses required. It's not perfect -- you've got about a 30-degree viewing angle outside of which shimmering artifacts appear and blow the whole thing -- but when you get within the sweet spot it's so good you're sometimes startled when an object doesn't fly past the boundaries of the screen.

The TV consistently drew crowds of dazzled onlookers, but whenever I went it was impossible to find anyone from LG who could tell me anything about the TV. The little info card said that the 3D animation data (all of the 3D scenes were computer-generated) came from 3ds Max, and I noticed that the artifacts were reminiscent of lenticular images. (What? You don't know what those are? There's a geeky explanation here, and a friendlier one here.) But I suppose we'll have to wait a bit longer to get an explanation.

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