Le cool cities

Due for launch this September is the London editionof Le Cool, the e-mail magazine detailing the most interesting things to do in the city. Visitors to the site can sign up now to receive it.

A kind of alternative city guide, Le Cool's Barceonla edition has even spawned a must-have guidebook.

le cool publishing is a Spanish-based publisher of highly selective editorial products. It began in February 2003 with le cool magazine Barcelona, a free and funky weekly agenda sent by email in English and Spanish. It recommends bars, restaurants and unusual experiences, always with an eye for the personal and unpredictable. Now there are five cities in the le cool magazine family, each with their own local editorial teams: Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Amsterdam and London.

In a refreshing change from the norms of entertainment and tourism guides, Le Cool say they won't write good things in return for having their mouths stuffed with notes: "Content is never traded for money; the recommendations are always included because they are believed to be worth the reader’s time."

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