Time and time again, this blog has looked at the space where graphic design and politics meet but, truth be told, aside from many misguided attempts to improve the material world while using the latest Adobe software, most of what goes on in the curious nexus is a result of the passions of individual designers.

Which makes it all the stranger when you find out about advertising agencies getting in on the game.

Over to Roanne Bell at the CR Blog.

Lebanon has a 60% muslim majority, yet some of the most visible, and supportive, ads are those for Johnnie Walker whisky (from H&C Leo Burnett, Beirut) and Absolut Vodka (TBWA Worldwide) which allude not only to the destruction inflicted by Israeli airstrikes but also to the resilience of the Lebanese people. The Johnnie Walker ad, a local adaptation of BBH’s international Keep Walking campaign, stretches across a multistorey billboard overlooking one of Beirut’s main roads. The ad [...] shows the iconic Walker striding across a damaged bridge, one of dozens destroyed during the conflict.

Um, OK. That's weird.