With little more than six months to go until the US chooses a new president, it's possible that Bush-bashing is more than a little passé – not least because it's so darned easy. Back in the dark days of 2003 it felt as though there was something to be achieved through poking fun at the Texan president, but five years on, slating the president is about as trendy and cutting-edge as a Minidisc player.

Although it's hard to tell exactly when Mato Atom posted the video Champions: Remembering the New World Order on its Web site, given the comments and Diggs it's received, it hasn't been up there longer than a week.

It's an undeniably skillful little video that sends up the liberal's Pyramid of Hate (Bush, Blair and Dick Cheney) by placing them as players (well, Cheney's the manager) in an international football game. Their heads have been comped onto footballers' bodies, and the ball they're kicking around is actually – wait for it – the planet. It starts to rain, but the raindrops are bullets. Fireworks explode, but they're actually bombs. In the background, a pianist gives a tongue-in-cheek solo rendition of We Are The Champions by Queen.

It's all enjoyable stuff, but you can't help but feel that the target of the video's satire is hopelessly out-of-date: Tony Blair is no longer the British Prime Minister, and President Bush is counting down the days until he has to vacate the White House (along with huge numbers of US citizens). The geopolitics/football parallel is briefly amusing, but the video's real pull is in the excellent way it's been assembled.

It'd be fantastic to see the clear creative talent here put to more contemporary use – what do the creators think about the current US elections, for example?