iPhone? Meh.

Well, as I promised, I have come back post Macworld Expo - will I be dining on felt today?

The iPhone looks pretty good. As I said in the previous entry: "a Mac-based phone that would certainly be an improvement on the piece of crap I am forced to use."

So am I ready to eat my trilby? No, not quite. I'm still not interested.

Apple's iPhone suffers from the same problem that all mobile phones do: mobile phone companies.

Lack of true 3G is a minor issue, phone company scumbaggery is a huge one.

Apples US$399 and US$499 phones are tied to a single carrier, Cingular, and will no doubt be tied to a single carrier when they hit the UK later this year. Even if by some miracle they're not, they still force buyers into a staggeringly long 24 month contract.

No thanks.

The only thing that will change my mind is if users get fully, complete, total access to the OS (except the phone functionality, obviously) in the way they do on an ordinary Mac.

A commentator on the previous entry wrote: "The iPhone has been hailed by most as the greatest product since the original iPod." Ain't that the truth.

The iPod is a fine piece of consumer electronics, but that is all it is. It didn't change music, it changed the music distribution channel. Businesses are fond of declaring this and that to be a revolution and their products to be revolutionary - how denuded of meaning that word has become...

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