I've just seen the replacement for HD on BBC technologies website Super Hi-Vision, man oh man I was just getting my head around rendering to 1920 X 1080 in 3D and now we're heading towards 7289 X 4320 pixels in the not too distant future.

I just hope processing speed and video cards are gonna be able to keep up. My machine is already struggling to keep up in HD. Moores law helps but I don't really feel that when Moore came up with that law he didn't exactly have us motion graphics and animation people in mind trying to keep up with our clients incessant need for bigger screens and massive resolutions.

I'm currently on an event for a well known brand in Bangkok and the screen width is 20m across the pixel count = 3584 X 1024 which is a fantastic resolution to look at but to work with is a mare. In the last two weeks I've managed to produce around 5-8 minutes minutes of animation at this resolution - but that has been really pushing it big time, with me frantically producing and generating during the day and rendering over night ready for my client in Hong Kong.

Ironically the big test comes in on how my primary apps handle this size of file. After Effects tends to fly, it doesn't struggle too much, LightWave just pushes on through albeit at the compromise of multiple render passes. The big surprise and major disappointment for me though was Motion - it just told me without compromise that it couldn't be bothered with my oversize resolution, which makes me wonder how Apple intend to position Motion - its a lovely program and does great stuff but its not the most adaptable or robust application. Its not quite industrial strength like AE. So when you're in those mad frantic states that you just need your equipment to do what its got to do, having a program flat out say no - does tend to make me an unhappy bunny.

I did however manage to get the job done, client happy onwards and upwards to the next resolution, however I am now cottoning on to the fact that the way things are going anyone getting involved in this game will find they have an ever increasing need for a monster of a render farm - I guess that will have to be my next purchase, but I'm already cramped in on all sides by hardware, so online render farms are beginning to look more appealing.

The one good aspect of all of this though is that fully immersive digital environments look like they are on their way.