Maybe not, if the economy gets better anytime soon. Ironically, Huh sees a link between people's empty wallets and his full one. "Maybe the reason we're doing so well is that we bring laughter to so many people who need it during the recession," he says. "Our goal has always been to make people happy for five minutes a day." Hwang agrees that there's a connection between the economic crash and the popularity of Internet culture. "Suddenly you have lots and lots of unemployed people sitting at their computers with nothing to do all day, creating lots and lots and lots of content," he says.

Maybe there's hope after all for those not yet in the Web phenomenon game. Halavais expects there'll be money to be made as long as memes still attract large amounts of traffic and buzz. "There have always been people who draw attention, and they've always gotten book deals," he says. "The way people draw attention to themselves is now Internet based, but that Internet modifier seems almost unnecessary. What else is there?"