Announced in the last few weeks is that Nikon will be producing the D90 - a digital still camera which can also shoot digital video. Now, of course, there have been other digital still cameras doing digital video for quite a while, but it is the specs. that are intriguing with this announcement.

The recording format is motion JPEG AVI movies at 24 frames per second. The camera has three movie-mode resolutions -- 1280-x-720 (for 720p high-definition videos that have a 16:9 aspect ratio and can run for up to 5 minutes); 640 -x-480; and 320-x-216 (the last two modes carry a 20-minute time limit).

Given that the D90 is an SLR with access to the full range of Nikon lenses, this means, potentially, that very high quality acquisition could be achieved. Motion JPG is known to have less artefacts than HDV, 720p is a great HD format to work with, there are even examples of the movies shot on Nikon's website. For under £1000 with a lens, I want one, of course once I have seen the images first-hand. I also heard a rumour Canon are going to do something similar.

Check out some of the Nikon images here