The creative industry thrives on networking events -- not just because we're all sad misanthropes with no real friends of our own, but because the things that we look for in collaborators and employees are hard to discern using the usual interview process. But it's not every event where you get to see how fast other creatives can think on their feet when under pressure – and see how you measure up too.

On July 29, Adobe is hosting the fourth in its series of Pokercoder events -- a poker tournament where Web developers get to square off against each other. The game's Texas Hold'em -- the same as played on those late night poker shows you find yourself watching on obscure cable channels after getting home from the pub. The night begins across a series of tables, which are joined together as players are knocked out -- until a final table sorts out who can really hold their nerve.

Prizes for the top-ten players include a 24-inch iMac, a 13-inch MacBook, a Sony PlayStation 3, a 16GB iPod Touch, two Nintendo Wiis and four iPod Nanos. The players ranked 11th-20th overall will get a £20 free bet on the Betfair gambling site, which is sponsoring the evening. Early knockouts will get a Loser T-shirt, which has been highly-prized at previous tournaments.

The event is open to professional Web developers using any platform -- not just Adobe's -- but there are only 120 places, so get signed up now at See you there!