Happy ever after?

Not all fairytales have a happy ending, reads the blurb for the movie Dream On Silly Dreamer, and in this case the ending was anything but happy. On March 25, 2002, more than 200 Disney Feature animation artists were rubbed out, quickly followed by 1,300 more no longer Hey-Ho-ing their way off to work. And, now a film has been made about the mass culling.

Produced by Tony West and directed by Dan Lund, it's the tale of the biggest shake-up in the House of Mouse, including animated segments and interviews recorded mere moments after the now infamous meeting. And, it no doubt sports a bunch of animators sounding off about the good old days of hand-drawn sleeping beauties compared to 3D Mr Potato Heads.

Anyhow, there's a screening at Innis Town Hall in Toronto on June 8 if you're in the area, featuring a live panel of former Disney artists, who will give their thoughts on the future of animation. Which probably involves the words "CG", "franchise", and "dwarves rox!".

More info at Dream On Silly Dreamer and TAIS

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