Graphisme Fran├žais

The Paris blog over at highbrow newspaper Le Monde is profiling Roger Excoffon (1910-1983), renowned French graphic designer and typographer.

Excoffon is significant for a number of reasons including the fact that he worked as both a graphic designer - of which he was one of the first - and a fine artist.

As a type designer Excoffon was responsible for many excellent, sometimes jaunty, typefaces associated with the post-war French nouvelle vague, including Antique Olive, Calypso and Choc.

For entirely personal reasons, one of Excoffon's typefaces, Banco, has become the bane of this writer's life. (In my font menu it's located above Baskerville which I use for writing).

The Le Monde blog post is in French. Obviously.

Read more about Excoffon here.

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