Sell your stuff

The name of the game is submissions and sales: here are a few handy destinations.

Threadless ( - Without a doubt, Threadless is the most established submissions site around. Very ‘graphic design’ in outlook, it works on a simple model: you submit your design and everyone in the community has seven days to rate it. If your design scores enough, you’re judged a winner, and bag yourself $2,000 (about £1,300). Threadless also has a number of sister sites: Typetees specialises in typography-based shirts, while Select features shirts designed by more famous designers. Finally, there is Kids, which, as the name suggests, is for designer children’s apparel.

Threadless favours a fairly light-hearted, bright, graphic design-oriented approach.

Design By Humans ( - Widely considered the leading alternative to Threadless, Design By Humans (DBH) differentiates itself by stylistically by taking a more art-based approach. Site visitors simply vote for the shirts they like, leading to awards for shirt of the day, worth $750 (£473), shirt of the week, worth $1,000 (£630) and shirt of the month, worth $1750 (£1,100). If you move shirts by the thousand, there are additional cash prizes. The site also runs various other design competitions that pay cash or vouchers.

Shirt.Woot ( - New designers to this site will need to enter a derby. Woot members vote on all derby submissions over the course of a week. The first, second and third place entries are featured on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday immediately after the week-long voting process ends on Thursday. Submissions earn a flat fee for winning and a royalty per shirt sold above a certain level.

Mysoti ( - Based in the UK and US, Mysoti enables you to set up a shop online. There’s no competition: if you want a design printed, you simply send it in, along with how much mark up you would like over the base price. Plans are afoot to expand its range of offerings to include household items.

Spreadshirt ( - Spreadshirt is similar to Mysoti in that it is an ‘anything goes’-style online shop. You’re then free to sell your merchandise yourself however you choose. The site also features a marketplace that not only sells T-shirts but other easily printable items such as aprons, hoodies, carrier bags and babywear.