Games for traditional/enthusiast/hardcore/whatever gamers from Nintendo. Oh I know, all those copies of Wii Play and Wii Fit and Super Mario Galaxy that Nintendo released (what, eons ago?) are being picked up and played by a whole new crop of gamers. Power to them, but speaking for my jaded self, I probably flip on the Wii a couple times a year anymore.

That's how often Nintendo and/or the glut of third party parasi--I mean publishers have released games that were either carefully designed or mechanically intriguing (or frankly just quality) enough to capture my attention. Of course Nintendo should ignore me if I'm part of a permanently dwindling snobbish sales demographic, but for the sake of those of you that agree with me, i.e. more traditional gamers, I truly hope that's not the case.

For Sony and Microsoft to zip the sales sniping and focus on their lineups. There's nothing new about competitive corporate pugilism, just as there's nothing special about the mud Microsoft and Sony periodically fling at each other. That said, I'm sick of it. You're probably sick of it. It's low fruit for the press (present company included) and the monthly numbers-churn tells us very little that's actually bankable.

I realize selling has everything to do with image-making, and I realize image-making is largely about saying whatever you can get away with, i.e. spinning extremely complex data and sales algorithmic formulae into jazzed up press blurbs. But I'm as weary as you of hearing about units sales and attach rates in lieu of insightful discussions about platform services and game features. I'm also bored to tears with the constant and frequently cruel wrangling between consumers over game systems. Gamers should be saluting each other, whatever their platform. Be grateful there's still a games industry to salute, given the seriousness of the economic downturn.