The future of Photoshop Art

Photoshop is a key part of Digital Arts readers’ creative toolkit – for most, it’s one of the first programs they boot up each morning and is in constant use throughout the day. Photoshop art is everywhere, too – it’s become part of our visual landscape, used for everything from stylised montages and hyperreal compositions, to surreal retouches and simple colour boosting.

Used with flair and skill, Photoshop can blend photography and other imagery to create awe-inspiring works of art. It’s an exciting field: away from the mainstream, digital artists are relentlessly pushing at Photoshop’s limits, coming up with compositions that crank the maximum benefit from its increasingly sophisticated tools.

We’ve spoken to both established Photoshop gurus and hot new talent to find out what’s in store for the year ahead – and what styles they’ve been exploring in their own personal works, ready to unleash in 2010.

Photoshop art is buzzing with creativity at the moment, as artists cross boundaries and challenge our concept of what’s achievable with the software.

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The current trends for abstract and futuristic artwork shows no sign of going away in 2010 – but they will be balanced by a surge in organic, traditional and hand-crafted elements and techniques. This works in two directions: a growing number of artists are creating hand-drawn elements and scanning them in to use in their artworks, while others are using roughed-up Photoshop techniques to emulate hand-drawing, complete with ink spatters and little slips of the pen. This appeals to artists as it allows them to base their images on photos for closer representations of reality, while still creating something that feels handmade.


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