It's almost the weekend and the weather's not as bad as you'd expect considering it's the first day of Glastonbury, so allow yourself a break from your current project and find some extra creative inspiration to help yourself through the day.

First off, start downloading Shilo's latest mixtape, We Make It Good volume 3, which has been put together by the UK's own Graeme Sinden. Mixed by a former Fabric resident and Kiss FM DJ, it's more mainstream than the first two -- so there's no Bollywood soundtrack music mixed in as in previous tapes from the animation studio -- but it's full of tracks you'll be hearing all summer. Download it now, ready for when you return to your work and it'll keep your creative juices flowing throughout the afternoon.

If that doesn't fulfil all of your audio appetite, also download Girl Talk's outstanding Feed The Animals -- which you can download for free if you're new to the Pittsburgh-based DJ. As you'd expect from Greg Gillis, it's the ultimate hip-hop mixtape with each track being built from around 20 samples -- from mainstream pop and rap to obscure indie, soul and grime.

Now check out Peepshow's riff on Saul Bass's movie intro graphics for BBC's The Culture Show.

Follow that up with learning what happens when the Postman returns.

Check out motion capture without the balls.

See Logan's top-notch CG intros for Metal Gear Solid 4

Mess up your head a little with Perish's music video for Ladyscaper's charmingly titled, Though Art Fucking Dead.

Learn how to spot a faked photo.

Start reading a very British Web comic.

Now get on with your work. And when it's done (and if you're in London), spend the weekend playing hide-&-seek for grown-ups.