Evolution of web design tough on browsers

The Associated Press reports that changes in the web are having an effect on how web browsers work.

According to the AP:

Today, e-mail, maps, word processing and other traditionally standalone applications are migrating online. Major Internet companies such as Google, Yahoo and even Microsoft are devoting tremendous resources developing these web applications - and browser developers want them to run well.

So there's more to Web 2.0 than designing using CSS, then?

In all seriousness, the web has indeed changed almost beyond recognition when I first started using it some time around 1994 or 1995. Back then it was a design-free zone and is now surely one of the most visible public arenas for graphic design and, unlike magazines and billboards, virtually anyone can get involved, for better or for worse.

As web sites begin to morph into network-based applications, we'll see how long the DIY ethos can keep up...

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