A new two volume set offering an overview of design in the Netherlands has been published. Pricey at €71.25, it nevertheless looks like an excellent investment for any studio or library.

This edition of the Dutch design book is the only real cross-section of the Dutch design sector. That's why we added the word 'Real' to the title of this book. The question of the definition, importance and future of Dutch Design as an internationally known phenomenon remains as topical as ever, as you can read in the many and highly varied statements in the editorial pages, by all of those involved and interested in Dutch Design.

Volume one covers graphic design and illustration in its 568 pages with over 2,500 illustrations. The 384 page second volume covers industrial design, craft, environmental design, packaging and interactive media.

The books themselves are designed by Amsterdam's Staat.

See realdutchdesign.com for more details.