"Uh, this is Donnie and you suck at Photoshop. You do. You're awful. And that's why your here."

From the first line, spoken in a stoner drawl, you knew that You Suck at Photoshop was going to be different from most online video tutorials about Adobe's tool. At first it seemed to be a pure lampoon of the shoddier type of Photoshop videos created by buffoons whose lack of artistic talent is matched only by their monosyllabic voiceover skills.

Throughout each of the 10 episodes though, Donnie's troubled life leaks into both the content and commentary of the show. It's a cringingly awful existence full of mundanely hideous situations -- largely of Donnie's own making -- and it soon becomes clear that Donnie is a bleakly-comic character on a par with many of Rob Brydon's creations, such as the constantly-chipper cab driver Keith Barret in Marion and Geoff.

The second series of the show has just kicked off on the My Damn Channel site, with Donnie attempting to teach you about Photoshop's Smart Objects functionality by creating an image to send to his estranged wife, in response to an email demanding child support "for a child that you don't have".

The show was created by former ad agency types Matt Bledsoe and Troy Hitch. You can read an interview with them on Time's Web site.

If you missed the show, you can begin watching from the first episode here.