Case study: The cinema that’s not there
After graduating from the University of Massachusetts with a design degree, Brandon Schaefer spent a while odd-jobbing before creating designs for posters and Blu-ray packaging.

Among his pieces was a poster for long-gone and much-lamented Jordan Marsh department store and shopping complex. Once one of Boston’s main shopping centres, it closed its doors in 1991.

Schaefer’s poster lovingly looked back at Jordan Marsh as a former movie destination. “I figured it would be nice to do something kind of capturing that memory of the place,” he explains. What began as a personal memory was adopted by the Framingham Historical Society as publicity for its own recent retrospective of Jordan Marsh.

One of the poster’s most intriguing features is its treatment of the word ‘Cinema’. It’s not actually featured in full, but the fact that it’s cropped by the image’s frame doesn’t dilute the message at all, instead giving it a more immediate, lifelike feel.

“They say if something’s not working, make it bigger and if it’s still not working then cut it off,” he says of his curious cropping. “So I had been working on it and the sign as a whole was just sitting there. It wasn’t very interesting. So I cropped it and I shoved it off to the side.”