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The Guardian's Comment is Free blog is breaking all kinds of ground in the newspaper publishing industry - journalistic, legal, ethical and political, but less remarked-upon is the astonishing photo blog by the newspaper's photographer Dan Chung.

As if the point hadn't already been made by Flickr, along comes a blogging professional photographer to remind us just how important images are in the media.

I have a distinct recollection of the front page of the Graun featuring a stunning photo of Olafur Eliasson's 'The Weather Project', colloquially known as the Tate Sun. On the same day, whenever it was back in the days of broadsheet pages and Helvetica Black headlines, I also purchased the Irish Times, Ireland's newspaper of record. As I had photography on my mind, I went through both papers comparing the effect the images had on my perceptions of each. Can you guess which paper came out on top?

In fairness, the Irish Times doesn't do a bad job, certainly better than its competitors, but it does publish quite a few posed publicity shots - you know the kind: A florid minor government official, some beetroot-faced plutocrat and a grinning, puggish guttersnipe proudly grasping a certificate of some kind as if it was the Nobel prize for literature. Not the kind of image that should be gracing the pages of an internationally-respected journal.

Worse still are local and regional newspapers and so many magazines: Photos of bored and dead-eyed models, vacantly grinning into the lens, spoon held aloft over a yoghurt pot, or some other piece of tat in hilariously unsubtle advertisements masquerading as news stories.

The Daily Telegraph's blog, meanwhile, seems to have come to a similar conclusion on the merits of photography via a rather different route, featuring as it does, lots of photos of attractive women. Scroll down their blog page for full effect - on any given day there seems to be at least three images of actresses or models taken at one staged photo-op or another. Hmm. Seemingly sex does sell, even in Torygraph-land. At least they're well-taken.

Anyway, back to Chung. A few personal favourites of mine:

Buenos Aires in buildings

En vacances

England expects

A couple of pictures from Dubai

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