The curse of Comic Sans

Jessica Helfand at the Design Observer has penned a fascinating short essay about that bastard font Comic Sans.

Designed with a specific purpose in mind, Comic Sans has now become an avatar for piss-poor typography and DIY amateurism everywhere.

I found Helfand's piece most particularly due to serendipity, synchronicity even: On Monday morning I wrote a short guide to basic typography and sent it to a friend to read over. His response was - I kid you not - as follows:

It's well written and I know what you mean but it doesn't matter.

My blood boiled. My eyes popped. Veins began to break the surface. I almost started smoking again. My friend, an office worker, went on to state that he doesn't think that typefaces, or "fonts", matter at all.

I stopped arguing. There was no point. This is a person who had loudly complained when he received an e-mail stating that all work-related documents should be produced in a particular typeface and size. I tried arguing the point as to why this should be so. I failed.

Life is really too short.

In the meantime, look at this Flickr group documenting use of the font and cry into your keyboard.

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